Companies of any size need stable and reliable internet service and choosing the right Internet Service Provider(ISP) or understanding options may be confusing. To choose the right internet service, begins with understanding how you will use internet (e.g. application used) and how it will be managed

          Acrosoft Networks can help you select the right bandwidth for your needs, we provide best quality services all the time.

This is why you should use our internet – Advantages
Trust Acrosoft Networks will give you the best, we will keep you online(Guaranteed)

  • High performing – Acrosoft Networks consistently deliver the speed you order
  • Reliable connections – 99.9% uptime guarantee; best internet in Nairobi
  • Proactive monitoring – internet connection checkup around-the-clock
  • No throttling – we don’t slow or speedup internet intentionally
  • Unlimited & and well managed
  • Best quality internet
  • High speed
  • Always on
  • Cost effective
  • Fast implementation
  • Free technical support
  • High-quality video streaming
  • Professional installation and setup
  • Fast upload and download speed
  • Symmetrically download and upload
  • Consistent upload and download speed
  • Low latency – important for streaming services
  • Full control of the router; Change router details as you wish

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